Burke Milling Machine Restore



I recently purchased a Burke #4 Milling Machine. It is model B-100-4. The X and Z axis are hand lever operated with a rack and opinon. It appears to have seen very little work. The ways still show scape marks. It was dismantled when I got it at salvage cost. I have started the restore process and will post pictures as I progress.

    The pile of parts I brought home.      Pic 1      Pic 2
    Cleaning done and castings painted      Pic 1
    I had to make a new spindle for the Y-axis on the knee,
    1/2 x 10 tpi left-hand acme, a new dial and handle.      Pic 1      Pic 2
    When I bought the mill the gibs for the Y & Z axis were missing along with the rack on the Z-axis for raising and
    lowering the knee. I machined new items for each of these.      Gib for cross slide      Rack for Z axis

    I have completed the restoration of my Burke Milling Machine.
    I believe it is a #3 since both the X & Z axis are hand lever operated.
    Here are some pictures.
    Picture #1
    Picture #2
    Picture #3      (Knee and X axis stop)
    Picture #4      (New cross slide screw, bearing, and handwheel)
    Picture #5      (New gib on the Z axis)
    Picture #6      (New gib on the Y axis)
    Picture #7      (Micro dial on the Z axis stop)
    Picture #8      (3 phase, 2 speed, gear motor )
    Picture #9      (New levers for X & Z axis control