17 inch Custom Bandsaw



I have decided to build a custom 17 inch floor style bandsaw so I can resaw lumber for furniture building. It will be about 75" tall with a 15" cutting capacity. Harbor Freight sells a 17 inch saw so I ordered their wheels as parts. The total cost for both wheels and tires was less than $70.00. The wheels are the exact same wheels that Grizzly uses on their 17 inch at 1/3 cost. Most of the frame is 11 gauge tubing and 1/4' x 2" x 2" angle. It has a quick release blade tension system. The backbone is 4" x 4" 11 gauge tubing with triangulation reinforcement. The pictures below are process thus far. The plan is of my design and it is in my head. I now have the upper skins installed and the blade shields in place. The skins are 18 gauge CRS. It will soon be ready for paint. I can see "THE END". More pictures are coming as fabrication proceeds. It is done. It works great. I will dismantal it and paint as soon as it warms up enough to paint it in my unheated shop.


HF 17" Wheels Upper Tension wheel carriage Drive wheel carriage Frame
Completed Frame
Ready for Wheels
Completed Frame
with wheels and blade
Blade Guide Upper skin installed
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