Metal Working Power Tools

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Tool Grinder

Metal Cutting Band Saw

New Lincoln Mig Welder (SOLD)

Drill Mill (SOLD)

Frejoth Metal Lathe (1989) (SOLD)

Welding Torch that was recently STOLEN

Covel Surface Grinder    (SOLD)

17" Drill Press

Homemade 12" HD Sander (SOLD)  and Pedistal Grinder

Homemade Rotary Phase Converter(Circuit)

Homemade Rotary Phase Converter

Homemade Pan Brake

Homemade Chop Saw ready for paint (SOLD)

Homemade Chop Saw pic #1 (SOLD)

Homemade Chop Saw pic #2 (SOLD)

Miller welder that was recently STOLEN

Strudy Work Bench

New Victor Gas welder (SOLD)

Pedistal Grinder

Power Feed for Drill/Mill (SOLD)

Power Feed Picture #2 (SOLD)

2 x 72 belt grinder(SOLD)

belt grinder back side(SOLD)

The New Mill 2/21/11

Homemade Ring Roller

Homemade Hydraulic Press

Oscillating Belt Sander (SOLD)

Miller Thunderbolt 225 (SOLD)

Logan Lathe model 1875