My New 197?? IH Cub Cadet model 81



Being a farm boy I always wanted a tractor. Pam asked me what I would do with it, I told her on a Sunday afternoon I would get it out and just drive around the subdivision. I would even build a trailer and put a seat in it so she could ride along. This is what I bought, this is what it should look like. Do you think I will get it there?????

   I had to replace the orginal engine. I doubled the horsepower. I had to lengthen the frame 4 inchs for the new engine. The complete engine sheet medal covering is of my design and fabracation since parts are no longer available. I should be able to start it up next week and take a spin. I still have to mount the battery and gas tank. It is soon ready for a new paint job??????????   
   Well the carbarator is rebuilt and the exhaust is complete and I took it for its initial run. The front end comes off the ground when you let the clucth out. Maybe a bit much horsepower.   
Rebuilding the Tractor
Pic # 1
Pic # 2
Pic # 3
Pic # 4
Pic # 5
Pic # 6
Pic # 7
Pic # 8    New Picture 12/17/10 !!!
Pic # 9    New Picture 12/31/10 !!!
Pic # 10    New Picture 12/31/10 !!!
Pic # 11    Chipper/shedder with new frame 01/07/11 !!!
Pic # 12    New two wheel trailer ready for paint and a box. 02/10/11 !!!